The professional travel camera tripod is portable and lightweight without sacrificing quality

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American company Peak Design has completely revolutionized the world of travel camera tripods by introducing a lighter, more compact and more transportable product than any other on the market. In addition to design, the company has paid great attention to the choice of materials (all high quality) and ease of use, becoming a reference in the industry.

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Tripod functions

Peak Design has succeeded after four years of research and experimentation to eliminate the gaps in the standard photo tripod when it is closed, creating a structure that is as solid as it is compact. This becomes a massive advantage for mobility and the practicality of a tool designed for continuous use.

cavalletto fotografico
cavalletto fotografico

Once folded up, the tripod does have a small footprint, which benefits ease of transport. You can safely slip Travel Tripod into the side pocket of your backpack, drop it into your bag or secure it on your shoulder with the convenient strap provided. Transport is also facilitated by the record weight of only 1.27 kg for the carbon version and 1.56 kilograms for the aluminium version. The two versions have a price difference of a few hundred euros. Still, for anyone who has trekked for several days or travelled, “backpacker vacation” shows how 300 grams less can make a difference!

camera tripod features

treppiedi per cellulare
treppiedi per cellulare

Despite its featherweight and extreme compactness, Travel Tripod does not sacrifice performance; it is as stable in every situation as other much bulkier professional camera tripods. Built to work with all cameras, it supports up to 9 kg of weight, enough to support a full-frame DLSR with a telephoto lens. It can be assembled in as little as 10 seconds, with telescoping legs that reach up to 150 cm in height, thanks in part to the patented quick-attach system consisting of a single ring with a security ring nut for attaching the camera in a single movement.

treppiede reflex

Underneath the quick coupling is the adjustment system that allows turning a single dial to find the perfect position for our photo and ensure the transition to portrait mode with a single movement. Also, it only takes a few seconds to switch to “Inverted mode,” perfect for macro or product photography ( the camera will sit under the tripod ).

treppiede fotografico

Finally, with a few turns of the included hex wrench, the product can be reconfigured to “Low mode.” The camera tripod lowers more than any other tripod in its class, enabling unparalleled perspective shots from the ground. Add-ons sold separately to offer even more versatility: the universal head adapter lets you use the tripod with any mount, Spike’s feet add grip on ice and softer terrain, and the ultralight tripod conversion kit removes the bottom four sections of each leg, taking away nearly half the weight.

cavalletto treppiede

cell phone tripod

As if reinventing the tripod from scratch wasn’t enough, the folks at Peak Design have also developed a folding cell phone tripod that stores securely in the tripod’s centre column. Finally, you can use your preferred cameraphone professionally for quick shots and filming.

treppiedi per cellulare

This smartphone tripod will turn cell phones into fundamental travel tools, great for street photography enthusiasts or all bloggers, Instagrammers and social lovers. Taking photos or videos on a stable medium drastically changes the result, mainly if you use your phone at night by using modern artificial intelligence algorithms.


In conclusion, I would like to promote Travel Tripod with full marks as the perfect tripod for every traveller. I recommend the carbon version to frequent travellers who never give up their rooms. You will always have a professional tool at only 39 cm high and 8 cm wide. You can replace all your products with one tripod suitable for any occasion with the lightning kit ( sold separately ) and cell phone mount ( included ). Finally, the manufacturers are so sure of the quality of construction and the goodness of the materials used to ensure the tripod for life. In short, a tripod built by travelling photographers for travelling photographers.

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