Terraplanter makes your plants grow along the surface of the pot

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With Terraplanter, all you need to do is fill its interior with water, place the seeds along the surface and let the plant take only what it needs to grow and thrive on the outer surface of the planter. It might look like a traditional earthenware pot, but Terraplanter is anything but ordinary. To start, grow your plants from seed to flowering outside the planter. This unique design allows the interior to function as a water reservoir. At the same time, the material it is made of (a particular type of terracotta) is porous enough to allow water to diffuse into the exterior parts slowly. Also, there is no need to use soil or potting soil because everything grows in unique grooves along the surface.

Combining these features results in a planter that allows the plants to determine how much water they want to drink instead of leaving us with the thankless task of watering too much or too little (the two main reasons plants die). The only limitation you’ll have is your imagination and love of plants, as you can sow endless combinations of seeds outdoors for awe-inspiring results!

The particular shape of the terraplanter results from years of research in the laboratory and is the perfect combination of design and functionality. Its use is straightforward: fill the inside with water and place the spores, seeds, or directly on the branches of the vines. After a fantastic crowdfunding campaign, you can pre-order your vase on Indiegogo at a discounted price. If you are looking for another innovative terracotta product, I recommend seeing Egloo.

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