Edelkrone StandPLUS: Innovation and Practicality for Content Creators

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In the world of content creators and videomakers, finding the right tools to optimize your workflow is critical. One such tool is the Edelkrone StandPLUS, a versatile medium that has transformed the way many of us create content. In this article we will explore the main features of StandPLUS, its advantages, and how it could fit the needs of various types of creators, based on practical experiences and in-depth reviews.

StandPLUS design and functionality

The Edelkrone StandPLUS stands out for its compact and robust design, designed for content creators working alone, especially in confined spaces. Weighing about 10 pounds (4.5 kg), the StandPLUS is easy to carry and set up. Its maximum load capacity is 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg), and the operating height ranges from 22 inches (56 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm), making it suitable for both ground-level and aerial shooting.

The Edelkrone StandPLUS is made of high-quality materials, ensuring stability and durability. The minimalist design and clean lines are very reminiscent of the style of premium brands such as Apple. The packaging is eco-friendly, reducing environmental impact without compromising protection during shipping. However, some users have noted that steel feet can be noisy and potentially harmful to delicate floors. Version 3 introduced plastic feet, solving this problem and improving convenience on delicate surfaces.

Ease of Use

One of the greatest strengths of StandPLUS is its ease of use. Using a friction system, the height and tilt of the stand can be adjusted with a few simple movements. This makes it ideal for those who need to change camera angles and positions frequently, saving valuable time. In addition, the StandPLUS is excellent for shooting from above: the transition to overhead mode is quick and easy, allowing for easy shots of tables or desks.

Practical Considerations

Despite its many advantages, StandPLUS has some limitations. It is not suitable for smooth panning and tilting movements, which can be a problem for some dynamic shots. Also, on soft surfaces such as carpets, it can be unstable, causing micro-vibrations in filming. For those working in hard floor environments, these limitations are less relevant, but it is still important to keep them in mind.

Versatility and Adaptability

The StandPLUS is perfect for content creators working alone, especially in limited spaces. Its ability to be set up quickly and easily makes it ideal for those who need to switch between shots in a short time. For video professionals working in corporate settings, the StandPLUS offers a practical solution for obtaining different angles and perspectives without having to move heavy tripods.
Another significant advantage is its compactness: the StandPLUS can be easily stored and transported, making it an ideal option for those who need a portable and versatile setup. In addition, the stand is designed to reduce floor space, allowing work in tighter spaces than a traditional tripod.


The Edelkrone StandPLUS is an innovative and practical solution for content creators and videomakers seeking to optimize their workflow. Its ease of use, robustness and versatility make it a valuable ally for those who work in confined spaces and need a quick and reliable solution. Although it has some limitations, its advantages far outweigh its shortcomings, especially for those working in hard floor environments.
If you are interested in purchasing the StandPLUS, I recommend visiting Edelkrone’s website for more details and to consider how this tool might enhance your creative process. With StandPLUS, creating high-quality content becomes easier and less stressful, allowing you to focus on what really matters: creativity.


The maximum load capacity of the Edelkrone StandPLUS is 5.5 pounds (about 2.5 kg). The PRO version can support up to 6 pounds (about 2.7 kg)

The operating height of the StandPLUS ranges from a minimum of 22 inches (56 cm) to a maximum of about 60 inches (152 cm)

Although the StandPLUS can be used on carpets, it may be unstable due to the soft surface, causing micro-vibrations in filming. It is advisable to use it on hard surfaces for maximum stability

StandPLUS is designed primarily for still and overhead shooting. It is not suitable for smooth panning and tilting movements, so it may not fully replace a traditional tripod for some applications. However, its ease of use and speed of adjustment make it an excellent tool for many situations

The price of the StandPLUS is about $490, making it a significant but justifiable investment for content creators seeking speed and versatility in shooting

The main differences between the v2 and v3 versions of the StandPLUS concern the feet (steel vs. plastic) and some design improvements for greater stability and ease of use. The PRO version offers a higher carrying capacity than the standard version

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