Let’s talk a little bit about us

We are an innovative startup born through the world of American crowdfunding. Thousands of supporters worldwide have believed in our dreams and made our many projects a reality. Over time, we have evolved into an innovative product design and development company.

Finally, we decided to share our passions with the world, and NextNova was born: the most authoritative Italian portal on innovation. NextNova is an online magazine and e-commerce company specializing in design, technology and crowdfunding products. We have chosen only the best for you!

Our projects


Handmade design product made of terracotta and fueled by unique candles. Three functions in one: heat, perfumes and humidifies


The world’s first bioethanol-fueled terracotta stove. Due to its construction, it increases heat by 500%


The world’s first mechanical keyboard with all-ceramic keys for an unprecedented typing experience


Connect the belt to your smartphone and she will guide you to your destination through haptic feedback, no need to look at the screen


We enclosed in this smart furniture a coffee table, an ambient light, and a painting with images made with a microscope


Official partners of Expo, participation in national and international trade fairs. Our products have been featured in the world’s best magazines

the portal

An online magazine, an e-commerce and a portal on the world of crowdfunding… NextNova is all this and much more. Read reviews of the latest technology, buy innovative products with confidence, and learn about the latest campaigns of the moment (including those launched by ourselves on Indiegogo and Kickstarter).




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