Bird Buddy: The friend of your outdoor summer adventures

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Bird Buddy is an exciting project capturing the attention of nature and bird lovers worldwide. This innovative device promises to observe any bird from a distance thanks to the cameras installed inside. Launched on Kickstarter, Bird Buddy offers a unique and innovative experience of interacting with your favorite animals, on par with Furbulus, another product we mentioned. But what makes Bird Buddy so unique?

Bird Buddy is a cleverly designed bird feeder with an HD camera and a dedicated mobile application. The feeder records bird visits and captures high-quality photos and videos, which can be viewed on the Bird Buddy app.

The Bird Buddy app is the system’s heart, providing detailed information about birds visiting your feeder. Through visual and sound recognition, the app identifies birds and provides exciting information about the species, their behaviours and habits.

In addition to providing information about feathered visitors, Bird Buddy also allows you to contribute to scientific research on birds. You can share your observations and photos with scientists who study birds, thus contributing to the conservation and understanding of the species.

Bird Buddy is designed to be easy to install and use. Fill the feeder with bird food, place it outside and connect it to the mobile app. From there, you can enjoy bird visits and discover a new world of winged wonder.

In conclusion, Bird Buddy is a must-have for nature and bird lovers who wish to connect with bird life in their homes. With its HD camera, interactive mobile app and the ability to contribute to scientific research, Bird Buddy offers an engaging and educational experience for the whole family. Bird Buddy’s starting price is €163 on Kickstarter.

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