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The advent of remote work and study has exposed a significant gap in the computing world: the lack of a device that combines a desktop’s power with a laptop’s portability. Smartphones and tablets, despite their convenience, fail to meet the needs of a fully functional multitasking office. That’s where the Pantera Pico PC comes in, promising to fill that very gap with a mini laptop that is an ideal solution for those seeking a mobile office without compromise.

The Pantera Pico PC is not only an evolution in the world of mini portable PCs but also represents a new era for desktop PCs. With an ultra-compact design that fits easily into any bag and is lighter than a traditional PC tower, the Pantera Pico PC is compatible with Windows and Linux, offering the flexibility needed for any user. Whether it is a setup for the office or working from home, this device is a perfect solution. It also serves as an all-purpose home entertainment center, ready for Windows 11, with user-expandable storage and more USB ports than competitors.

With its ultra-quiet active cooling system and a 360-degree LED power indicator, the Pantera Pico PC delivers high performance without disturbance, supporting 4K UHD video output for an unprecedented visual experience. Designed to be the ideal gaming companion, it offers the ability to enjoy casual titles with the family or transform into a powerful productivity tool.

Despite its small size, the Pantera Pico PC does not compromise on performance. Equipped with a 2.7Ghz Intel Celeron J4125 Quad Core processor, dual-band WiFi, and up to 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM in a dual-channel configuration, this mini PC can easily handle multitasking and productivity. SSD storage options of up to 1TB and expansion via MicroSD offer a versatile solution for every storage need.

Wired or wireless connectivity, the Pantera Pico PC meets every need with four USB ports, dual-band WiFi 6 for a stable Internet connection, and Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless peripherals, ensuring a flexible configuration adaptable to any usage scenario.

The Pantera Pico PC is not just a product; it results from years of development and community feedback, and it is designed to be a faithful portable computing companion for years to come. The PicoProjector and 12V-PowerStation have become 100% portable computing solutions ready to support work, study, and entertainment needs in any situation. Pantera Pico PC stands out as the ideal mini laptop PC for those seeking a balance of power, portability, and versatility, promising to redefine expectations for what a desktop PC can be in an increasingly mobile world. Price from 160€.

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