Mac Pro: A Concentrate of Power and Outstanding Performance

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The Mac Pro is the epitome of power and versatility in the world of professional computers. With its advanced architecture and state-of-the-art technical specifications, the Mac Pro is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. Let’s take a closer look at this engineering gem from Apple, analyzing its features, innovative design, and the impact it could have in the professional sector.

Extraordinary Power and Performance

At the heart of the Mac Pro is the powerful M2 Ultra processor. This chip, developed in-house by Apple, combines two M2 Max chips in a single die. Thanks to the UltraFusion architecture, the M2 Ultra offers a CPU with 24 cores and a GPU with 60 cores (possibly upgrading to 76 seats). In addition, the Mac Pro features a Neural Engine with 32 cores, which provides superior artificial intelligence and machine learning performance.

The Mac Pro’s memory has a bandwidth of 800GB/s and can handle up to 192GB of unified storage. This makes it possible to tackle demanding tasks and intensive processing with ease. In addition, the Mac Pro features a Media Engine with four ProRes encoding and decoding engines, offering outstanding performance when playing and editing high-resolution multimedia content.

Expandable Architecture and Advanced Connectivity

The Mac Pro offers an expandable architecture to meet the needs of professionals. It has seven expansion slots, six of which are PCIe gen 4, offering twice the bandwidth for audio and video I/O cards, network cards, and storage cards. One slot (PCIe gen 3) is dedicated to an Apple I/O card, providing advanced and versatile connectivity.

The Mac Pro comes standard with a 1TB SSD, but you can upgrade to 8TB. Apple also offers separate upgrade kits for the SSD, allowing users to expand storage capacity as needed.

Superior Performance

According to Apple, the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra is up to 3 times faster than the previous generation based on Intel processors. This new model directly integrates Afterburner technology, which previously required a separate board. The M2 Ultra Mac Pro offers performance comparable to seven Afterburner boards, providing superior video processing and playback.

The Mac Pro with M2 Ultra supports playback of up to 22 ProRes 422 video streams in 8K and can handle up to eight 4K displays simultaneously. This processing power and display capability enables professionals to work efficiently and without compromise with high-resolution content.

final considerations

The Mac Pro represents the ultimate in power and performance in the world of professional computers. With the M2 Ultra processor, high-speed memory and expandable architecture, this system offers a complete solution for professionals who require high processing performance. With its ability to handle high-resolution multimedia content and its advanced connectivity, the Mac Pro is destined to become the tool of choice for designers, video editors, developers and professionals in similar fields. The price starts at €8,499.00 and can go up in its maximum hardware configuration to €14,878.

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