Body Scan: The professional scale for accurate body composition monitoring

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The Body Scan personal scale is an innovative solution that uses impedance technology to provide an accurate and detailed measurement of body composition. This article will explore the advanced features of the Body Scan and discover how this product can help you monitor your health and progress toward a healthier, fitter body.

The Body Scan has a modern and stylish design that fits perfectly in any bathroom or home environment. It has a large backlit digital display makes it easy to read the results. Materials and finishes are of excellent quality, with extensive use of glass and steel. The only construction flaw is using black on the glass surfaces, which retains fingerprints and fingerprints.

Measurement of body composition

One of the distinguishing features of the Body Scan is its ability to provide an accurate measurement of body composition. Using impedance technology, the scale can analyze your body weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and the amount of water in your body. This data gives you a detailed overview of your body composition and allows you to track changes over time.

Advanced features and extra functions

In addition to measuring body composition, the Body Scan offers several advanced functions. Some models include heart rate measurement, which provides an additional indication of your cardiovascular health. In addition, you can set personalized goals in the application and monitor your progress in achieving those goals. This allows you to create a more focused fitness and health strategy and be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The Body Scan integrates with a dedicated mobile application that allows you to track your body composition data conveniently and intuitively. You can synchronize measurement results with the app via a wireless connection and view graphs and charts showing the evolution of your body composition over time. This feature helps you understand your progress and adjust your training and nutrition routine accordingly.

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In conclusion, the Body Scan is a professional weighing scale using impedance technology to measure body composition accurately. With its advanced features, connectivity to the mobile app and extra functions, it is a valuable tool for monitoring your health and achieving your fitness goals. In addition, the scale offers extra features such as heart rate measurement, providing valuable information about cardiovascular health. Invest in your health with the Body Scan and take control of your body composition.

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