Revolution with Furbulous: the first self-cleaning cat litter box

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Furbulous is the world’s first self-cleaning cat litter box, designed to simplify the lives of those who love their feline friends but not the annoying task of cleaning their litter box.

The product works intuitively: when the cat does its business, the litter box detects the animal’s presence, and after it leaves, it begins to clean the sand using a very quiet mechanical scoop. The used sand is deposited in a particular container, which can be quickly emptied and cleaned even after a week.

In addition to its primary functionality, Furbulous is also aesthetically pleasing: It is available in various colours and fits perfectly with the home’s decor. It does not look like a cat litter box. The product is also environmentally friendly, as it uses 100 per cent biodegradable sand that can be disposed of quickly without having to landfill it. Finally, the litter box is equipped with an odour control system, which prevents unpleasant odours in the house.

In conclusion, the Furbulous litter box is a practical, environmentally friendly and convenient solution for all cat owners. With its self-cleaning system, biodegradable sand and odour control, the Furbulous litter box makes life easier for cat owners and makes a living with their feline friend even more pleasant. Starting at €492 on Indiegogo.

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