Filmatic is the world’s smallest and most powerful outdoor projector.

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A young American startup has unveiled an innovative product on Indiegogo that, thanks to its three functions, will soon become the best friend of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re with your tent camping or just out of the house with friends, you won’t be able to do without Filmatic.

Filmatic integrates a portable speaker, lantern/torch, and outdoor projector into a compact, water and drop-resistant metal body! The design inspired by armoured vehicles, ammo boxes and DLP film projectors gives a pleasantly vintage feel to this intelligent product.

The most innovative feature is that the projector allows you to broadcast your favourite movies on any surface around you without worrying about wires, water, complicated settings or even speakers (because they are built-in). The Filmatic projector uses DLP technology to deliver a sharper, brighter image with actual 1080p FHD resolution, decisive autofocus and access to more than 5,000 streaming apps with all your favourite content. It also works with media files contained on external cards or streamed wirelessly through Airplay, Miracast or Bluetooth.

We couldn’t ask for more from an object that just 200 grams and a few centimetres encloses all these functions and an extensive battery that allows it to run for several hours. You can pre-order your Filmatic directly on the Indiegogo in-demand campaign and save up to 40% off the retail price.

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