Nexdock – A laptop with the heart of a smartphone

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The American company “Nex Computer” has created a product with a specific purpose: to make The smartphone is a real pc, combining the powerful hardware features of the smartphone world with an interface that simulates a pc. Nexdock boasts an aluminium body and a beautiful full HD screen with a trackpad, keyboard, and USB-C. Although it looks like a laptop in all respects, Nexdock does not have a CPU/GPU or an operating system because it uses the computing power of your smartphone to run.

Connect your smartphone with a cable, and Nexdock will come to life, enhancing the user experience with its 5800 mAh battery (it will charge your phone when connected), four speakers, and a fantastic full HD multitouch screen. You’ll be able to answer emails, play your favourite games and use it as a secondary display of a PC. Finally, you can download cloud gaming applications like Stadia, Nvidia GeForce, or xcloud to play the latest console games on Nexdock.

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