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Are you seeking the best accessories to turn your home into an authentic gym? We have collected the top 10 gadgets for indoor training in various disciplines ranging from running to the free body. Even if you’re not into sports, you won’t have to worry because most of them come with virtual assistants that will guide you step by step through your workout. Now you have no more excuses. What are you waiting for? Get started now and get fit with these great products.

JAXJOX InteractiveStudio

InteractiveStudio combines classic gym equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells with artificial intelligence-based performance monitoring and interactive workouts to create a complete 360-degree workout experience in the comfort of your own home. On JAXJOX, you can select the weight with a simple touch, which allows you to have as many as six kettlebells and 16 dumbbells with only three tools. Sensors in the equipment and a 43-inch touch screen combined with artificial intelligence allow you to monitor reps, sets, total load volume, heart rate, and calorie expenditure. With about 2000€, you get a complete gym and a virtual trainer who will guide you step by step through personalized strength and endurance programs.

Technogym SkillRun

SKILLRUN is undoubtedly the most advanced treadmill in the world, designed to satisfy professional athletes to the most demanding fitness enthusiasts. Thanks to the exclusive MULTIDRIVE technology, SKILLRUN allows you to do cardio and power training with a single tool, followed by a virtual assistant, and constantly monitor key performance indicators, such as running power, cadence, step length, ground contact time, propulsion time, flight time. Select the program and the treadmill, sledge, or parachute mode through the large touch display to start your workout immediately. Price is certainly not affordable for everyone (starting from 17000€), but we could not include it in this guide given the instrument’s uniqueness.

Tonal fitness system

With Tonal, you can replace any gym equipment (including cast iron) with a single tool designed explicitly for strength work. The patented digital weight system simulates up to 90 kg of load. In contrast, the automatic learning system analyzes your performance in real-time through 17 sensors  and consequently adapts the optimal weight to each exercise. With Tonal, you can perform up to 170 movements (practically all the canonical gym exercises) thanks to two arms adjustable in height, also equipped with extendable cables and unique ergonomic handles. Finally, this tool includes a virtual coach who will follow you through the hundreds of preinstalled programs for strength and fitness in general. The price is about 2500€.

Garmin Tacx NEO 2T

Tacx NEO 2T is the perfect tool to continue cycling indoors, living an experience similar to road cycling. Once the bike is connected, the device will reproduce the outdoor activity with extreme realism, imitating pedalling downhill and uphill (up to 25% gradient), and even with the Tacx software or the Zwift app, the vibrations typical of riding on different roads surfaces such as cobblestones and gravel. Tacx NEO 2T works thanks to the extensive use of silent magnets that not only impose a high braking force (up to 2200 watts) but also stabilize the entire bike, allowing the movement to the left and right to follow the natural trajectory of the body. In addition, dozens of sensors constantly monitor every aspect of training, such as power, cadence, and pedaling quality—a price of 1199€.


The manufacturers state that. CLMBR Pure is the most efficient strength and cardio machine ever created, capable of consuming 60 per cent more calories than an equivalent running, cycling or rowing workout. CLMBR imitates the typical climbing movement, allowing you to move arms and legs alternately on the vertical plane, activating about 86% of muscle groups. This position was chosen because it can prevent injuries by strengthening all muscle groups and protecting ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The machine features a large display. You can select one of many scheduled workouts, view real-time statistics on your performance and connect to On-Demand classes taught by professional athletes worldwide. With about 2500€ you can start climbing your favourite mountains without leaving your living room!

Technogym Bench

The bench of Technogym Bench is a small gym that contains all the tools you need for functional and strength training. Complete equipment includes elastic bands, dumbbells, knuckles, and training mats to perform over 200 exercises! All these functions are contained within a design product, with compact shapes and a minimal footprint that, when not in use, can be easily moved thanks to the integrated wheels. Each workout can be programmed on the proprietary app, where professional trainers will guide you step by step through exercises tailored to your fitness level. The app can also be connected to your TV for even more engaging workouts. The price of 1290€ The app’s price is handsome because, for a competitive price, you’ll be taking home a complete tool, especially suitable for those who have recently entered the world of fitness.


Liteboxer redefines the concept of a punching bag by creating a perfect blend of technology and full-body training. The main body of Liteboxer features six targets with built-in force sensors and over 200 LED lights to recreate the physicality, rhythm, and excitement of sparring in a ring with a life partner from the comfort of your home. Once you select the type of workout on the large touch display, the various targets will light up to the beat of the music, telling you where and when to strike, while the sensors will measure real-time strength, accuracy, and energy expenditure. The result is an engaging and exciting training experience that will motivate you to improve. The price is about 1500€, including all accessories.


The Hydrow combines refined design and innovative technology to recreate the emotion of rowing in the open air in your home. Its computer-controlled electromagnetic advancement system creates the ultra-smooth feeling of being on the water. Plus, the perfect seating position and many programs selectable through the large touch display allow you to train your entire body at once. Finally, through the proprietary app, you can challenge your distant friends, simulate racing on the same boat and share your training statistics. Rowing can be a great team sport, and the makers of Hydrow haven’t forgotten that! Price from 2500€ with shipping from the UK.

Studio shapes

How often have you imagined looking in the mirror and seeing a trainer telling you precisely what to do to get in shape? Shapes Studio that’s exactly it! A sleek mirror encloses a 43″ voice-controlled touch display designed to perfectly reflect your image and that of the instructor, with the realistic quality that only 4K can convey. Select one of the hundreds of preinstalled programs (such as strength, cardio, yoga, and boxing). A professional trainer will magically appear before you, explaining and performing all the exercises in real-time. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Study forms will automatically adjust the intensity of each session based on your fitness level. The price of this innovative accessory starts from about 2000€.

Therabody Theragun

Percussion Physiotherapy devices have had a remarkable diffusion in the last period, but none is as powerful, silent, and advanced as Theragun. This product offers the normal massage function to relieve muscle tension but with the added benefit of adapting to your body’s needs in real time. The deep muscle treatment’s depth, speed, and strength values are configurable through the proprietary app. You can leave it to Theragun, which will act on the muscles with targeted, scientifically calibrated pressure to achieve the most significant therapeutic benefits for the body. The device is also super lightweight, so it’s easy to use all over your body and convenient to take on the go. For €299You’ll always have your massager with you. For more info read our full review at the Theragun Prime muscle massage gun.


In summary, there are numerous gadgets and equipment that you can use to improve your home workout routine. From elastic bands to yoga mats and vibration mats to free weights, these products can help you reach your fitness goals efficiently and enjoyably. Choose the gadget that best suits your needs and improve your body today. With home training, you can achieve your fitness goals without leaving the house or going to the gym, making your workout routine easier and more convenient. If you do not know where to start or are not familiar enough with the fitness world to train without guidance, you can rely on the many pieces of equipment with artificial intelligence and virtual coaches to follow you step by step.

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