GoPro HERO12 Black: The World’s Most Versatile Action Cam with Exceptional Performance

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GoPro is back with a new technological masterpiece: the HERO12 Black. This camera is designed to meet any challenge and ensure high-quality footage in any situation, whether on land or water. The HERO12 Black is the world’s most versatile camera with many new features and improved performance.

Unparalleled Image Quality

One of the distinguishing features of the HERO12 Black is its outstanding image quality. The HERO12 Black’s image sensor captures an ultra-wide-angle field of view of 156° in 8:7 format. This allows easy switching between widescreen, portrait, or full frame shooting to suit the needs of any project. It can record video in 5.3K with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology for even more vivid details. Compared to 4K, it offers 91% higher resolution, taking image quality to new levels.

HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilization is another element that makes the HERO12 Black stand out. This technology ensures incredibly smooth shooting, even in the most extreme conditions. In addition, the built-in 360° Horizon Lock makes it easy to maintain alignment while shooting, even when the camera rotates.

Extraordinary Power and Performance

The HERO12 Black offers several advanced photo and video features, including HindSight, which captures up to 30 seconds of footage before you start recording, and scheduled capture, which allows you to schedule recording up to 24 hours in advance. In addition, Photo Interval can automatically capture photos at predetermined intervals while you focus on your favorite activities.


The HERO12 Black offers high-quality audio thanks to its three built-in microphones and supports 3.5mm microphone audio input. In addition, with the new time synchronization, multiple HERO12 Blacks can be synchronized to get shots from different angles and make precise edits in post-production. The camera also supports the use of Bluetooth audio devices such as AirPods.


The HERO12 Black rechargeable Enduro battery offers outstanding performance, especially in cold temperatures. Battery life has been doubled to allow continuous recording up to 70 minutes in 5.3K60, 1.5 hours in 5.3K30, and over 2.5 hours in 1080p30.

Accessories and Facilitated Connectivity

The HERO12 Black is compatible with over 50 mounts, mods, and accessories, including the MAX 2.0 Lens Mod, optional media unit, and light mod. In addition, the Quik app makes it easy to edit and share your videos, even allowing unlimited backup to the cloud.

In summary, the GoPro HERO12 Black represents a new pinnacle in the evolution of action cams. Its exceptional performance, fantastic image quality, and advanced features make it the ideal camera for anyone who wants to capture unforgettable moments on the go. With this camera, GoPro continues demonstrating its commitment to offering innovative solutions for action videography enthusiasts. Price of €499.

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