Porsche and Xbox together to celebrate the 75th anniversary with consoles and exclusive colour schemes.

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Porsche partnered with Xbox to commemorate its 75th anniversary. This special occasion is celebrated with the launch of a highly exclusive collection of Xbox Series X consoles and custom controllers, each adorned with vibrant colour schemes inspired by six iconic Porsche racing liveries. Let’s look at this extraordinary collaboration that combines a passion for motoring and gaming excitement.

The collection of limited-edition Xbox Series X consoles and controllers is a homage to Porsche’s historic racing liveries. Each console and controller is designed inspired by iconic colourations. It starts with the colouring of the iconic Porsche 911 GT1, winner of the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans, capturing the essence of speed and power. This is followed by the vibrant blue and green hues of Porsche’s iconic “hippie” livery. The original bold “Pink Pig” livery inspires the third design. In contrast, fans of the Salzburg livery, which marked Porsche’s first overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, can rejoice in the timeless red and white theme on Xbox consoles and controllers. Continuing, the Porsche Racing Edition represents the constant pursuit of perfection, and the collection concludes with the current livery of the Porsche 963, a symbol of the brand’s relentless pursuit of automotive greatness.

This unique fusion of Porsche’s automotive heritage and Xbox’s video game prowess is bound to capture the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts and video game lovers alike. Over the summer, these six limited-edition console designs will be unveiled at major automotive and gaming events worldwide. The events will provide an ideal platform for fans to admire the harmonious marriage of Porsche’s motorsports heritage and Xbox’s cutting-edge gaming technology.

Unfortunately, these consoles will not be available for retail purchases. However, fans can enter contests over the next four months to win one of the consoles and controllers. Porsche’s 75th anniversary commemorative collection represents a tremendous value item for all enthusiasts, combining Porsche’s automotive prestige with Xbox’s immersive gaming experience.

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