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How often have you tried to relax on the couch and failed to do so because of a household “accident”? The coffee spilt, the remote control disappeared, and the snack was always too far away … now you can rest assured because Couch Console solves all these problems in one fell swoop! You will have in one modular product a self-balancing cup holder, a snack bowl, a phone holder, a charging dock, and a storage holder. In these times of smart working and restrictions, each of us is getting used to living more and more of our daily lives within the walls of the home, and having a product that saves us stress and disorganization is a great advantage to combat the “pitfalls” at home.

Everything you need will finally be organized and within reach on the couch or bed. Couch Console can adapt to our every need thanks to its modular structure. We can insert any combination of modules inside the compact and lightweight foam base, up to a maximum of four. In addition, all components are made from recycled material that is so strong and durable that it is guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. One of the most innovative modules is the self-balancing glass holder with a minimal design that can accommodate inside classic herbal tea cups.

The gyroscope system ensures that your mug stays upright, no matter how uneven or soft the surface you place the console on. The other modules available are the broad, deep, and easily washable snack container, a large storage container with a shaped lid that allows you to rest when closed remote controls, cell phones, and even joypads, and finally, a USB-C connector to be able to charge your devices (power bank is not included).

The product has compact dimensions (26.5 x 26.5 x 9 cm) and is available for pre-order in different colors at an introductory price of only 74€ directly on the manufacturer’s website.

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