Sora Pendant: The Design Ceiling Lamp by Frandsen

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Frandsen’s Sora Pendant, designed by British duo Fung + Bedford, is a ceiling lamp that combines sculptural elegance with traditional Japanese origami techniques.

A Handcrafted Masterpiece

This unique piece of lighting manages to create a sense of buoyancy, while its diffused light adds a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. Sora is not just a light source, but a work of art that brings a sense of calm and balance to any environment, making it a standout addition to any interior.

Versatility and Style

This pendant lamp is ideal above the dining table or in the kitchen, where its soft light creates a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. It can also be used in workspaces or professional settings, where it adds a touch of calm and inspiration. To emphasize its beauty, we recommend combining it with minimalist furniture and natural materials, creating a harmonious and balanced space.

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Frandsen’s Sora pendant lamp, with prices varying by retailer and specific requirements, is an invitation to bring a touch of poetry and finesse to your home. With its refined design and the ethereal atmosphere it creates, Sora is perfect for those who want lighting that is also a work of art. Starting price €1145.

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