Elegance and Technology: The RC Prestige Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Azio Corporation marked a new chapter in the world of keyboards with the launch of its Retro Classic Prestige collection, the perfect embodiment of the brand’s vision of creating premium workspace tools. The original typewriter-style keyboard, born out of Azio’s commitment to excellence, has won customers over with an exceptional writing experience and great sound. Today, Azio is excited to unveil the latest addition to its range: the Retro Classic Prestige collection!

Staying true to Azio’s distinctive brand identity, the RC Prestige collection introduces two fascinating new colors, Ebony and Ivory, further infusing the brand’s material-centered design philosophy. The Ebony variant sports a front plate in an elegant black wood finish, embraced by a gunmetal gray aluminum frame. The Ivory edition, on the other hand, stands in stark contrast, sporting a refined white leather façade enclosed in a silver brushed aluminum profile.

When it comes to premium feel and durability, the RC Prestige does not compromise. The frame is constructed from a single piece of high-strength aluminum alloy, held together by hexagonal bolts to complete the vintage look.

The RC Prestige features bright LEDs that emit a beautiful light under the keys, allowing visibility in low-light environments and a clear view of the keys. Each layout impeccably follows the respective color schemes, presenting black keys with gunmetal-colored edges or white keys complemented by a brushed silver frame. This time, the keys are designed with a rounded square profile, distinguishing them from the famous circular keys in the first Retro Classic Collection.

Finally, the RC Prestige maintains its vintage and refined character by introducing the hot-swappable Gateron G Pro 3.0 mechanical switches. However, users can customize their typing experience by replacing these switches with others they prefer. All you need to achieve an optimal wrist position is to rotate the rear feet at the tilt angle of the keyboard. Price from 138€.

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