Boox Tab Mini C: The premium ePaper tablet in a compact size with a colour display

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Onyx introduced the Boox Tab Mini C, the most compact ePaper display tablet. This new device, which stands out for its portability, offers all the features of the larger models, including the Kaleido 3 colour display and a high-capacity battery. In particular, the Tab Mini C has a 5,000 mAh battery and a 7.8-inch Kaleido 3-color ePaper display which maintains excellent definition: 300 pixels per inch when reading black-and-white text and 150 ppi when viewing colour content.

The device also inherits from the larger version, the Tab Ultra C, the Boox Super Refresh technology, which adapts the performance of Qualcomm’s processor to different activities, such as reading, writing, and using apps. Thanks to a dedicated GPU, the device is also usable for Internet browsing and most apps in the Android store. The Tab Mini C’s construction is meticulous, with a softly coloured metal body and a smooth, curved profile that makes it pleasing to the eye, to the touch, and ergonomic for longer reading sessions.

The Boox Tab Mini C goes beyond the traditional concept of an ebook reader, combining the capabilities of an Android tablet, allowing the installation of any app from the Google Play Store and those of a note-taking and drawing device. The device is also easily used in professional settings because of its ability to read PDFs, sign documents, underline even colour text, and quickly take notes with the included stylus.

The new Boox Tab Mini C is already available on the official European shop and Amazon, with a list price of 499.99 euros. The Pen Plus pen is included in the purchase, and a magnetic cover is also provided on the official portal for additional protection. I thoroughly recommend this unique device in the marketer’s performance and features. If you are looking for an ebook reader for work and in your spare time, you can safely choose the Tab Mini C.

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