Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D : Three-Dimensional Visualization Without Glasses

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In the era of digitization, Acer has taken a significant step forward with the launch of Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D, a technology that promises to revolutionize the viewing of three-dimensional content without glasses. This innovation was recently unveiled in Taipei, capturing the attention of professionals and technology enthusiasts.

What is Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D?

Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D is an advanced stereoscopic display technology that enables users to perceive images and videos in three dimensions, directly from the monitor, without the need for 3D glasses. This technology uses a combination of eye-tracking, real-time rendering, and a lenticular display to create an immersive visual experience.

Main Features

Eye-Tracking: One of the key features of SpatialLabs Eyes 3D is eye tracking, which detects the position of the user’s eyes in real time. This allows the system to adjust the image according to the user’s position, ensuring optimal and accurate viewing.

Real-Time Rendering: Using powerful rendering algorithms, images are processed in real time to adapt to the user’s movements, providing a smooth and realistic visual experience.

Lenticular Display: The SpatialLabs Eyes 3D monitor has a special lenticular lens that creates the three-dimensional effect without the need for additional glasses. This type of display divides images into multiple angles, allowing each eye to see a different perspective, thus creating the illusion of depth.

Practical Applications

The potential of Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D is vast and finds application in a variety of areas:

Design and Architecture: Professionals can use this technology to visualize 3D models of their projects with greater accuracy and depth, facilitating decision making and presentation to clients.

Medicine: In medical training and computer-assisted surgery, three-dimensional visualization can improve anatomical understanding and precision of surgeries.

Entertainment: Media content creators and gamers can benefit from a more immersive and engaging experience that takes content realism to the next level.

One of the most innovative features of the new camera is the ability to make video calls and live streaming in 3D. Users can broadcast three-dimensional videos on platforms such as YouTube or make 3D calls, making communications more interactive and engaging. To view this content in 3D, the recipient can use a SpatialLabs monitor or VR viewer, while the sender only needs the camera.

Pricing and Availability

The new SpatialLabs camera is priced at $549, while the dedicated monitor is priced at $199 for consumers. For professionals, Acer also offers a range of software tools for content developers, such as plugins for Unreal Engine and Unity, supporting standards such as OpenXR. This allows developers to create and visualize three-dimensional content with ease, enhancing their productivity and creativity.


Acer SpatialLabs Eyes 3D represents a significant step forward in the world of three-dimensional visualization. By combining eye-tracking, real-time rendering, and a lenticular display, Acer offers an innovative solution that could change the way we view and interact with digital content. This technology not only opens up new possibilities for professionals in various fields, but also promises to enrich the experience of ordinary users, bringing the future of visualization directly into our homes and offices.

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