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If you are looking for a robot vacuum that does it all, the Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete could be the answer. This device not only vacuums and washes floors, but also includes a wireless vacuum cleaner. In this review, we will explore all the features of this “completeness monster” to see if it is worth the investment. We will go deep into design, functionality, cleaning performance, versatility, and mobile application.

Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete vacuum cleaner accessories.
Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete vacuum cleaner accessories.

Design and Functionality

The T30s Combo Complete is a robust and technologically advanced device. The design, although bulky, is functional, with a base that handles both robot vacuuming and cordless vacuuming. The base includes a dirt collection compartment, clean and dirty water tanks, and wireless vacuuming accessories. Its ability to automate the washing and emptying process makes this device extremely practical.

Primo piano dell'Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete.
Primo piano dell'Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete.

The charging and washing station is equipped with two tanks, one for 4-liter clean water and one for 3.5-liter dirty water. This configuration allows the robot to keep moci moist and clean at all times, periodically returning to the base to wash and dry the cloths with 70°C hot water and hot air.

Cleaning Services

Power and Accuracy

The T30s Combo Complete offers excellent cleaning performance. The robot vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 11,000 Pa, enough to remove dirt, debris and pet hair. The two counter-rotating moci exert 6N pressure, ideal for removing stubborn stains. In addition, the automatic lifting of mocs prevents them from getting stuck on carpets, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.

Anti-tangle technology

Another relevant aspect is the anti-tangle technology of the middle and side brushes. This system prevents hair and pet hair from tangling, reducing the maintenance required to keep the device operating at full capacity.

vacuum cleaner avoids obstacles

Versatility and Artificial Intelligence

Customizable Cleaning Modes

One of the most impressive features of the T30s Combo Complete is its versatility. You can choose from several cleaning modes: vacuum only, wash only, or a combination of both. The device’s artificial intelligence allows it to automatically adjust the suction power and amount of water according to the room, optimizing cleaning effectiveness.

Advanced Navigation

The robot uses a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) navigation system to map its surroundings accurately. Slope and carpet recognition sensors prevent the robot from falling down stairs or getting stuck on obstacles, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted cleaning.

Technical Characteristics

The T30s Combo Complete is packed with advanced technical features:

  • Dimensions: 353351104 mm
  • Battery: 5200 mAh
  • Navigation: LDS
  • Cleaning mode: simultaneous suction and washing, First suction then washing, only suction, only washing.
  • Power: 11,000 Pa
  • Technology: Anti-tangle brush, double counter-rotating mop, automatic moci lift (9mm)
  • Tanks: Powder tank capacity 275ml, clean water tank capacity 4 liters, dirty water tank capacity 3.5 liters.
  • Washing: Washing with hot water at 70°C, drying with hot air.
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner weight: 1.2 kg

Application and Use

Intuitive Interface

The Ecovacs app is available for both Android and iOS. It is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to control every aspect of the T30s Combo Complete. You can schedule cleanings, choose cleaning modes, and customize maps of your home. In addition, the artificial intelligence function automates many of the tasks, making cleaning even easier.

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Advanced Functions

The app allows users to select from various cleaning modes, adjust suction power and water quantity, and choose from different washing modes. You can also create detailed maps of your home, define areas not to be cleaned, and set virtual boundaries to optimize the robot’s effectiveness.

final verdict

The Ecovacs T30s Combo Complete is a versatile and technologically advanced device perfect for those seeking a complete home cleaning solution. With a price of €1299, discounted to €1199 on offer, it is an excellent investment for those who want a device that combines the functions of a robot vacuum cleaner and a cordless vacuum cleaner. Its ability to automate the cleaning, emptying, and washing process makes it an indispensable device for keeping your home clean and tidy effortlessly.

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