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OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis invented the first resistive exercise device for space, the NASA iRED, incorporating his patented SpiraFlex technology. More than 50 International Space Station crew members have been keeping fit using this technology for ten years. The company has decided to introduce this innovative technology in the consumer market by creating OYO NOVA Gym: fitness equipment capable of completely replacing the gym, guaranteeing total body strength and resistance training at home, in the office, or on the road.

The NOVA Gym provides up to 18 pounds of resistance on each arm across all planes of motion yet weighs only 1.12 pounds and folds up on itself for easy transport. As many as 100 exercises involving virtually every muscle group are possible, taking advantage of both the steel cable system and the main body to generate an intense workload. It‘s awe-inspiring to think how functional an object so tiny and portable replaces complex and bulky professional gym equipment for thousands of euros.

OYO has garnered the support of thousands of fans on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and is now available for order on the manufacturer’s website at discounted prices. Discover the best ways to work out at home with our comprehensive guide to indoor fitness.

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