Aspire Vilter Pro: the electronic cigarette that combines elegance and simplicity

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Aspire is a well-known brand in the electronic cigarette world, known for producing reliable and quality devices. The latest addition to their product range is the Aspire Vilter Pro, an innovative electronic cigarette that promises to offer a new vaping experience. The design of the Vilter Pro is sleek and modern, with an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand. The device is available in four colors-black, gray, blue, and red-to suit everyone’s preferences. In addition, the device is lightweight and compact, perfect for taking it anywhere.

Design and construction

But the new features of the Aspire Vilter Pro do not end there. This electronic cigarette uses a completely new vaping technology, called the ASP Chipset, which offers a variety of advanced functions. One of these is the AUTO mode, which automatically detects the coil resistance and adjusts the output power according to it. In addition, the Vilter Pro is equipped with a motion detection sensor, which allows the device to be turned on simply by shaking it.

The Aspire Vilter Pro is equipped with a built-in 550 mAh battery, providing enough battery life for a full day of use. In addition, the device is equipped with fast charging technology, allowing the battery to be fully charged in just 40 minutes. But one of the strengths of the Aspire Vilter Pro is its built-in filtration system, called the Vilter Pod, which uses a combination of materials to remove contaminants from the air inhaled while vaping. This is a great benefit to the health of users, who can enjoy their vaping experience without having to breathe in harmful substances.


Overall, the Aspire Vilter Pro seems to be an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality electronic cigarette with a sleek design and advanced features. Reviews from sites specializing in electronic cigarettes, such as Levapelier, Ecigclick, and Vaping Vibe, are very positive, praising the device’s build quality, built-in filtering technology, and advanced features of the ASP chipset.

Ultimately, the Aspire Vilter Pro seems to be an attractive option for vaping enthusiasts looking for a high-quality electronic cigarette with advanced features and air filtration technology. The device’s sleek and modern design, combined with its reliability and advanced features, make it a safe choice for those seeking a new vaping experience.

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