Trap the power of fire in a glass tube with Spin

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Spin is a new project by the award-winning German startup höfats that combines the primordial love of fire with innovative technical solutions to create a unique stove. The Spin chimney effect stove consists of a metal base, in which to house fuel refills ( bioethanol ) and a glass cylinder resistant to high temperatures. On the base, there are also three spiral-shaped guide plates capable of imparting a rotation to the air entering from the part below, further accelerating in contact with the flame.

The result triggers the so-called “chimney effect“, which causes the air to rotate upwards faster and faster along the glass tube, generating up to 500 times more heat than the simple initial flame. We will be faced with an authentic miniature fire tornado that, in addition to heat, will provide a pleasant premium design effect to our favourite environments. Both mounting and turning the device on/off are super easy. Ignition is achieved by pressing a button, while to extinguish the flame, place the supplied metal cap on top of the cylinder.

After a fantastic crowdfunding campaign, you can order the product directly on the manufacturer’s website at the discounted launch price of € 99.

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