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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4: full review

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The world of true wireless earbuds is highly competitive, with brands continually trying to take over the scene. However, when Sennheiser announces its new Momentum True Wireless four earphones, attention immediately shifts to them. With a history of excellent audio quality, Sennheiser aims to redeem itself after some problems experienced with the Momentum True Wireless 3 by focusing on the small details that make all the difference.

Open box of Sennheiser MTW4s showing earphones and accessories
Open box of Sennheiser MTW4s showing earphones and accessories

With a price of €299, these earbuds are not among the cheapest, but they are one of the best options on the market for those seeking excellent sound quality. Let’s explore in detail what makes the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 such an attractive option for music and technology enthusiasts.

What's New?

The Momentum True Wireless 4 does not differ radically in design or sound signature from its predecessors, but it is in the details that the real change lies. Under-the-hood improvements, such as connection optimization and software bug fixes, remedy the problems that plagued the third generation and provide a vastly improved user experience. The new copper color option adds a touch of elegance and diversity to the range of available colors.

Tecnologia all'avanguardia nei nuovi auricolari Sennheiser MTW4
Tecnologia all'avanguardia nei nuovi auricolari Sennheiser MTW4

Aesthetically, the Momentum True Wireless 4 retains the look of its predecessors but with the addition of the copper color. This design choice makes them instantly recognizable and adds an option for those looking for something slightly different. Sennheiser understands the importance of a secure and comfortable fit. Adding a fourth (extra-small) size of silicone tips ensures that more users can find the perfect combination for their ears, enhancing both the listening experience and comfort.

Premium Sound Quality

Sound quality has always been Sennheiser’s strong point, and the Momentum True Wireless 4 is no exception. Offering detailed, warm sound with an impressive soundstage, these earbuds meet the expectations of discerning fans. When the sound quality is compared with that of the Momentum True Wireless 3, there is continuity in audio excellence, with subtle but significant improvements that further refine the listening experience.

Dettaglio della qualità audio superiore dei Sennheiser Momentum 4

The sound customization feature allows users to create a unique sound profile tailored to their hearing characteristics. This personalization elevates the listening experience to a higher level, ensuring that every note and tone is perceived in its fullness.

New Sennheiser Momentum 4 design next to the previous model

The Momentum True Wireless 4 is future-ready with Bluetooth 5.4 compliance and firmware updates for LE Audio and Auracast. These technologies improve audio quality and offer greater flexibility and connectivity options. With Snapdragon Sound technology, users of high-end Android devices can enjoy lossless audio directly from their smartphones, as long as their chosen music service offers it. This represents a significant step forward in the quality of wireless audio.

Advanced Features for the Modern User

The Momentum True Wireless 4’s adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) dynamically adapts to its surroundings to provide the optimal level of noise reduction. Although it does not reach the levels of industry leaders such as Bose, it provides a more than adequate performance for isolating yourself from a crowded subway car and enjoying your music without distraction.

Person comfortably wearing the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4

Although not at Apple’s level, the transparency mode sounds natural and does its job well. Users can set specific “zone” preferences through the company’s mobile app, such as a regular ANC mode at their favorite cafe but with some transparency in the office, further personalizing the listening experience according to the environment.

Active ANC on Sennheiser MTW4s for an immersive listening experience

The Momentum True Wireless 4 marked improvement in voice calls over their predecessors. A six-microphone array, coupled with Sennheiser’s latest AI voice processing algorithms, helps isolate the voice from background noise, making calls more straightforward and less disrupted by outside noise.

While many earphone manufacturers are exploring spatial audio and head tracking, Sennheiser chose not to include these features in the Momentum True Wireless 4. This decision suggests a deep understanding of its audience’s needs and a willingness to focus on what it does best: delivering a superb audio experience without additional complications.

final verdict

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 stands out in the crowded, accurate wireless earbud market for its exceptional sound quality, advanced features, and long-lasting comfort. Although the price of €299 may be an obstacle for some, they are an excellent choice for those seeking the best in sound and technological experience. Sennheiser once again confirms its commitment to innovation and quality, offering a product that promises to satisfy music fans for years to come.

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