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At least once in our lives, each of us has become attached to a technological device with which we have shared moments and experiences. Who doesn’t remember the first cell phone? Or the console you played with as a kid with your friends? Nowadays, the technical standards to which we have become accustomed are so high that we would no longer be able to use an old device despite the nostalgia with which we remember it. We have no desire to use an iPhone 3GS, 4S, or 5, BlackBerry Bold 9000, iPod Touch, or even the Nokia 3310 – because most of these would be unable to use the latest versions of our favourite applications.

That’s where Grid Studio Frames comes in. The grid takes your favourite old-school devices, breaks them down, and puts every single part, complete with attached technical description, into a minimalist, designer frame so you can enjoy all your former favourites as pieces of art. These technological collages are a sight to behold, with circuits, cables, and motherboards naked in all their minimal beauty and a little vintage flavour.

You can order all the most iconic models of Apple smartphones, Nokia, BlackBerry, the legendary iPod touch, and the most famous portable consoles. The manufacturer assures that the catalogue is constantly expanding and many more models will soon be available. Order your Art framed directly from the manufacturer’s website.

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