Stream Deck Plus: the essential accessory for all streamers

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Elgato Stream Deck Plus is the perfect device for all streamers who want to make their workflow more efficient. This small device, equipped with 32 programmable buttons, lets users quickly perform everyday actions while streaming without a keyboard or mouse. This accessory combined with other products such as the 4k60 Facecam pro webcam and the
iRig Stream Mic Pro professional microphone
help create the right set-up for the perfect desk.

Key Features

With its intuitive interface, Elgato Stream Deck Plus allows you to customize each button with your favourite functions, such as starting a program, selecting a scene, or sending a preset message in chat, enabling us to save many of time. All those who use PCs professionally, such as graphic designers, modellers, photographers, and video makers, will be delighted with the increase in productivity. In addition, different profiles can be created for other games or applications, allowing you to switch between them quickly.

One of the strengths of Elgato Stream Deck Plus is its compatibility with a wide range of applications, including OBS, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. In addition, its integration with popular streaming programs makes it a versatile and indispensable tool for all streamers, from beginners to professionals. Once you get used to its comfort, you can never go back.

New Features

Compared with the previous version, Elgato Stream Deck, the Plus offers several new features, such as a more durable design and excellent compatibility with third-party devices. In addition, the Plus has 8 GB internal memory, which allows more profiles and customizations to be saved than any other model. You can customize the device’s physical knobs with an unfailing nice touch by choosing from numerous colours.

In summary, Elgato Stream Deck Plus is a good choice if you are a streamer or content creator looking for a device that can simplify your workflow and increase productivity. Its ease of use, compatibility with significant streaming applications, and many features make it an indispensable tool for creating high-quality content. Price from €229

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