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Discover Ozlo Sleepbuds: goodbye insomnia, welcome quality sleep

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Do you suffer from disturbed sleep? Are you among the one-third of Americans who struggle each night to fall asleep because of disturbing noises, your partner’s snoring, or your mind racing? The solution has finally arrived: Ozlo Sleepbuds. Specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and effectiveness, these are not just earbuds but Sleepbuds, allies of your sleep.

Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, Ozlo Sleepbuds have been engineered to ensure absolute comfort even for side sleepers by blocking out disturbing sounds and replacing them with what you prefer to listen to to reconcile sleep. These tiny devices encapsulate advanced technology to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Illustration of Ozlo's innovative sleep technology
Illustration of Ozlo's innovative sleep technology

With an innovative design, Ozlo Sleepbuds fit perfectly in each ear, ensuring a secure fit all night long, no matter where you sleep. The umbrella-shaped silicone tip gently seals the ear canal, while the flexible wing fits snugly into the ear’s concha, providing a hugging sensation for your inner ear. The intelligence of Ozlo Sleepbuds lies in their ability to actively block out unwanted nighttime noise with sound masking technology. When you fall asleep, internal sensors activate the noise masking mode, allowing you to rest in a controlled and pleasant sound environment.

Graphic representation of a quiet night with Ozlo Sleepbuds

What sets Ozlo Sleepbuds apart is their ability to turn every night into a tailored sleep experience. You can listen to any content that helps you relax, from audiobooks to meditations to music and podcasts. In addition, a built-in personal alarm wakes you gently without disturbing your partner. The Ozlo Sleepbuds’ smart case is no different: it includes environmental sensors that monitor noise, light, and room temperature, providing you with a personalized report each morning via the Ozlo Sleep app. This allows you to optimize your sleeping environment for an ever-improving quality of rest.

Symbolic image of farewell to insomnia with Ozlo devices
Gentle personal alarm clock with Ozlo Sleepbuds

The Ozlo Sleepbuds’ story is steeped in innovation and determination. After Bose ran into difficulties with the first generations of Sleepbuds and decided not to pursue the project, three former Bose employees, N.B. Patil, Charles Taylor, and Brian Mulcahey, saw an opportunity to refine and relaunch the product. Acquiring the Sleepbuds brand from Bose, they founded Ozlo to improve people’s sleep quality without pharmaceutical intervention, focusing on a technological and innovative solution.

Ozlo Sleepbuds represent a breakthrough in treating sleep problems, combining comfort, advanced technology, and customization to give you the best sleep. If sleep has been a battleground, Ozlo Sleepbuds is your new ally for peaceful and restful nights. Starting price 422€.

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