Grasp Portable: Elegance and Functionality in a Wireless Table Lamp

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The Grasp Portable Table Lamp, designed by Danish designer Thomas Albertsen, is the perfect meeting of refined aesthetics and modern functionality. Part of Frandsen’s Grasp collection, this lamp features a simple and timeless design, available in color options such as Matt White, Matt Beetroot, Matt Petroleum and Solid Brass. Its conical structure lends aesthetic beauty, while its broad light output provides direct and diffuse illumination.

Versatility and Innovation for the Interior and Exterior

Grasp lamps are wireless, offering flexibility and freedom of placement. Equipped with a magnetic LED light source, they can be easily attached and removed and are rechargeable via the included USB cable. This feature allows the lighting to be adapted to different needs and environments. The Grasp Portable is ideal as a desk lamp, bedside lamp or to create a cozy atmosphere in any space. Its waterproof design also makes it suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its stable base that works on smooth and uneven surfaces.

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The Grasp Portable Table Lamp, with prices varying according to options and retailers, is a unique combination of elegance and practicality. The Frandsen ONE replaceable LED bulb adds an extra level of versatility, allowing you to maintain the desired atmosphere in any situation. Available in two sizes and several colors, the Grasp Portable is perfect for those seeking a refined and functional lighting solution. Starting price €200.

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