PIVOT Bed is the design bed that contains within it a complete gymnasium

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Most “Murphy Beds” or rollaway beds transform into a secondary living area, workspace, or even a bookcase when folded up. This solution was created to make small modern apartments larger and brighter and save valuable living space. PIVOT Bed goes well beyond the standard concept of intelligent furniture, inserting an entire gym inside a comfortable design bed with all the accessories to perform free body workouts and weights.

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PIVOT Bed is a bed that transforms into a home gym with a simple motion, allowing you to incorporate an entire workout space into your home even without having extra rooms available. Whether you want to create a gym inside your cramped city apartment or turn a guest room into a temple of fitness when you don’t have visitors, this product allows you to do so without giving up other amenities.

When folded onto a wall, the PIVOT bed transforms into an ample functional space equipped with a pull-up bar adjustable up to 2.5 meters height, a push-up bar, and a power rack for strength training. You can complete the equipment with the extras purchased directly on the manufacturer’s website, designed to fit under the bed once it is closed. You need to pick up an Olympic barbell, cast-iron discs, dumbbells, an impact-resistant mirror, and an adjustable bench, and you can sleep on top of a packed gym.

Each part of the PIVOT is designed to fold in to occupy the minimum amount of space while maintaining structural strength capable of withstanding the stresses of weight training. Plus, you can attach a tablet or cell phone to PIVOT via the convenient mount when it’s upright. It allows you to run any on-demand cardio and bodyweight classes, participate in online meetings, or stay up-to-date on your favourite programs while you work out. Finally, the entire structure is installed on a two-layer exercise mat designed to protect your home’s floor, so you won’t have to worry about nicking, scratching, or destroying it during your workout.


The Pivot Bed is a Murphy bed designed to look like an ordinary bed when closed, with a sturdy steel frame, headboard, and frame that can accommodate standard-size mattresses. The frame is available in two sizes, one and a half and two squares, so you can use your mattress if you already have one. The bed doesn’t require a wall or floor mounting, you’ll push it against the wall, and it will hold in place, with the steel base keeping it stable even when upright.

The lift mechanism features gas pistons for easy bed opening and closing so you can set up your gym effortlessly. The intervention of the servo system is adjustable to compensate for the weight of the mattress you’re using on the bed and any extra weight you may have added underneath (such as cast iron discs).

The Pivot is also a reference in terms of safety. It has a double automatic locking mechanism that comes into operation when it reaches the vertical position and an additional and optional retainer to prevent accidental release of the locking tool. The equipment is also highly resistant because the bar can withstand up to 130 kg of weight, while the power rack is 500 kg. The basic version of PIVOT costs 1800€, while the Ultimate model equipped with all accessories costs 3000€.


PIVOT facilitates dual use of a room by allowing you to have a bedroom and a total gym simultaneously. I find it amazing to be able to work out in the comfort of your own home without having to make any compromises, either in terms of living space or workout quality. With an under-the-bed gym, you can have no more excuses, you can simply lift the mattress and start your workout.

Thanks to the ample space created, you’ll be able to do just about every sport, from callisthenics to powerlifting to yoga. In an age where homes are getting smaller and smaller, with limitation to the ability to move and smart working I fully recommend this product to anyone who likes to exercise regularly. Check out our indoor fitness guide to discover many other workout tools.

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