Razer presents the faceplate of the future! Project Hazel

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On the occasion of CES’s global technology event, the tech company Razer presented its new prototype: Project Hazel. Like many other concepts from the American company, this faceplate has a futuristic look and unique features such as automatic sanitization, a built-in microphone, and RGB LEDs.

Great attention was given to the social interaction component of this project, incorporating speakers that amplify the voice to eliminate the annoying muffled effect of the classic mask, and the front is completely transparent so that facial expressions are always visible. Once placed in the charging box, the device, in addition to recharging via wireless, will also start automated sanitationvital, automated  sanitationstrong, wpml_nbsp thanks to the integrated UV LEDs, eliminating 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Comfort and fit are at the highest level, thanks to the soft silicone inserts, even after prolonged use. The unique design also lets you keep the mask away from the nose and mouth, avoiding the annoying feeling of compression. Active ventilation allows warm air, moisture, and odours to escape the front, so it doesn’t create that pesky condensation. Despite Hazel being just a concept, the company has stated that a consumer model will be coming to market soon…. We will keep you updated!

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