Shylight is the ceiling chandelier that mimics a blooming flower

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A unique designer chandelier that mimics the natural action of some flowers that close at night in self-defence and to conserve solar heat and their resources. 

lampadario di design by studio olandese

This unique natural mechanism is called “Nyctinasty”. It has inspired  the designers of Studio Drift to create their innovative Shylight chandelier, a sculpture that unfolds and retracts in a fascinating choreography, mirroring that of real flowers. The Dutch studio “Studio Drift” designers designing this piece of furniture have imagined that the light should spread as if it came from the opening of the flower’s petals just bloomed.

lampadario di design by studio Drift

Made entirely of silk, these lampshades reproduce the nyctinasty movement, which in botany indicates the “waking” and “sleeping” positions that leave assume with the alternation of day and night. 

Studio Drift designed Shylight with the ability to program its opening in various ways, such as synchronizing it with music.

When the lamp is on, the frame swells as if it were blooming and then closes in on itself when the light is off. The final effect is incredible; just one of these lamps would be enough to furnish a room and surprise friends and family every time you press the light switch. Only negative point? The high price (thousands of euros) is certainly not within everyone’s reach…

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