Lenovo Go Desk Station: the ultimate portable workstation for remote work

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The Lenovo Go Desk Station is a portable workstation that provides the ultimate solution for your remote work. With its compact design and folding legs, the Lenovo Go Desk Station can be quickly taken wherever you go. Also, with its built-in USB ports and wireless charging pad, you can quickly charge your devices while you work.

But the Lenovo Go Desk Station offers more than just a place to work. It also includes a built-in webcam and lamp to help you stay connected and focused during video calls. The lamp features different brightness levels and warm white light, ensuring the perfect illumination for any situation. In addition, the Lenovo Go Desk Station includes an LED light strip that can be used to create a more immersive video-calling experience.

Lenovo Go Desk Station official video presentation


One of the hallmarks of the Lenovo Go Desk Station is its adjustable height. With the ability to adjust the height of the work surface, you can find the perfect ergonomic setting for your needs. In addition, The lamp  is adjustable according to the user’s lighting needs, and the light bar can be used to illuminate the background during video calls. The wireless charging station is compatible with devices that support Qi wireless charging. The USB dock offers a convenient way to connect devices such as mice, keyboards, and external hard drives.

The built-in 4K webcam also delivers sharp, detailed images during video calls, making it a viable option for business meetings and video conferencing. The “Pro” version of the Desk Station also includes a built-in noise-cancelling microphone and speaker, making it an even more complete solution for video conferencing. I recommend integrating this device with theGigaDrive SSD to create the ultimate workstation.

The Lenovo Go Desk Station is a versatile and practical solution for remote work. With its adjustable height, built-in webcam, lamp, light strip and wireless charging pad, it has everything you need to stay productive and comfortable while working from home. The Lenovo Go Desk Station is available for €299 for the basic version and 399€ for the “Pro” version.

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