The best robot vacuum cleaner for quality – price on the market: Xiaomi dreame l10 pro

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This robot vacuum cleaner, just launched by Xiaomi, is more powerful, accurate and technologically advanced than all its competitors in the same price range. It surpasses in cleaning quality even some more emblazoned and expensive products. With only 380€ (less in street price), you will bring home a robot with a dual navigation system LIDAR+SLAM, anti-fall system, carpet recognition, the suction power of 4000pa, and the ability to both vacuum and clean floors.


Inside the package, you will find, in addition to the product dimensions, 35x35x9.7 cm for a weight of 3.7kg also, the charging base and its cable, the two side brushes, the water tank, the reusable wash cloth and two filters for the Dust tank capable of retaining 99.9% of particles. The product’s design is exquisite and minimal, alternating glossy black (which tends to keep fingerprints ) and matte black finishes.

On the front is evident only the large SLAM sensor, while on the top, in addition to the classic LIDAR turret, there are three buttons for manual control for the start cleaning, spot cleaning and return to the charging base. At the bottom, in addition to the brushes and the cloth for washing, two other sensors ensure the recognition of carpets (allows you to increase the suction power automatically) and the detector of floor irregularities, such as steps, to avoid accidental falls.

The 5200mAh battery of the robot provides an autonomy of 2 hours, more than enough to clean surfaces of 200sqm, while when it is attached to the base is fully recharged in just 4 hours. The water and dust tanks have a capacity of 270ml and 570ml, respectively. However, the feature that impresses is the nominal 46W brushless motor that develops a suction power of 4000pa with only 65db of maximum noise. The product works with its proprietary app that can be downloaded for free from the Android and iOS stores.


The Dreame L10 Pro impresses with its technology, which maps rooms and orientates itself within them (LIDAR sensor), effectively recognizes obstacles (SLAM sensor) and develops faster and more efficient cleaning routes.

Through the app, we can configure every aspect of the operation, including cleaning schedules and room division of the apartment. indicating the frequency of passage, areas to be avoided (including inserting virtual walls), and multi-story mapping, with the ability to manage up to three areas (for multi-level houses).

When it is turned on, the robot begins to vacuum along the perimeter of the room, paying particular attention to the corners and then covers the entire surface with a winding path. It follows the same procedure also during the washing phase. The vacuum cleaner can remove any residual material on virtually all surfaces.Including carpets (even long-haired), the washing function has some flaws because despite the tank being equipped with a solenoid valve that regulates the passage of water accurately, the result is that of a polishing rather than an accurate washing, removing only surface stains.

All tank emptying/filling operations are easy and intuitive. Finally, the L10 Pro, thanks to the SLAM sensor, can effectively avoid collision with any object scattered around the house, including cables and pets, thus allowing you to start cleaning even if the house is not perfectly tidy.


The Dreame L10 Pro proves to be the best cleaning robot in its price range thanks to its advanced navigation system and the overall quality of its performance. The product effectively avoids obstacles, not ruining or scratching furniture as it passes by, and allows you to start cleaning even in a messy home. If we wanted to find fault with it, the wash function fails to remove the most stubborn stains, although it is more than enough to freshen up the floors. Hard to ask for more for less than 400€ ( especially compared to the competition ).

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