Space Acacia: inflatable camping tent for adventure in comfort and versatility

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Get ready for ultimate indoor outdoor comfort with Space Acacia, the revolutionary camping system that gives you everything you need to create a comfortable living space wherever you are. Whether camping in the desert, spending a day at the beach or enjoying the summer breeze in your backyard, Space Acacia is the perfect inflatable camping tent for you.

The heart of the Space Acacia system is its modern and spacious curtain, designed to provide maximum comfort in any environment. With its structure thought out to the smallest detail, this inflatable camping tent offers an unprecedented camping experience. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, offering solid protection from the natural elements. With its Level 8 wind resistance and 300D Oxford waterproof material cover, you can rest easy knowing you are safe from wind, water and even fire.

But what makes Space Acacia genuinely unique is its innovative and adjustable air floor. This folding floor, lined with water-resistant material, offers high-level comfort in any season. Built with the same technology used in inflatable kayaks and SUPs, the 4-layer air floor is designed to withstand rocks and rough terrain. You can enjoy a smooth and level floor, even on uneven surfaces. Moreover, with its ability to adjust stiffness via an included electric pump, you can customize the comfort level to suit your preferences.

This inflatable camping tent allows you to have adventures every season because it adapts to different weather conditions. During summer, the system provides excellent ventilation due to its double-wall construction that allows warm air to escape and promotes airflow. You can enjoy the summer breeze inside the tent. During winter, you can close the specialized outer cover to keep the interior warm and cosy. Space Acacia is designed to withstand temperatures between -5°C and 35°C, maintaining an indoor temperature up to 10°C warmer than outside.

Space Acacia is also distinguished by its wide range of vibrant and unique colours. You can choose from 12 different colour combinations to express your personality and make your camping even more fun. A compact version is available for two people, and if you plan to take the whole family with you, Space Acacia XL is the ideal solution. It offers comfortable space for 4-6 people, allowing you to have unforgettable experiences together. Price from €779 only on Indiegogo.

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