Moto II: The New Frontier of Motorcycle Navigation

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Five years after revolutionizing the world of two-wheeled navigation with the launch of their first device, Beeline is back in the crowdfunding business with Moto II. This new device not only upholds the company’s commitment to combining design and functionality but also elevates the navigation experience to the next level with a revamped user interface and the introduction of RockerTop 2™ buttons, designed to be easy to use even with gloves on.

Moto II stands out as a motorcycle navigation device that is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly intuitive, with advanced route planning and ride-tracking features. Beeline listened carefully to feedback from thousands of riders to develop this device, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the needs of their community. With Moto II, navigating becomes a worry-free experience, allowing riders to focus entirely on the pleasure of riding.

Among the most significant new features, the Moto II boasts more than double the screen area of the previous model while introducing a new turn-by-turn navigation option and RockerTop 2™ buttons designed to be highly responsive to touch even while wearing gloves. These innovations result from listening carefully to feedback from users, who have expressed a desire for a device that is easier to use and has a more precise and detailed route display.

Moto II’s new interface features a high-contrast “mini-map” that shows precisely what to do at each intersection, ensuring that all necessary information is immediately visible. This, together with additional features such as a speedometer, odometer, clock, and ETA indicator, makes the Moto II an indispensable tool for every motorcyclist.

Additionally, Beeline designed Moto II with all types of riders and motorcycles in mind, from café racers to sportbikes, from newer Harleys to vintage Vespas, demonstrating a focus on versatility and inclusiveness. Each device comes with a universal stand and USB-C charging cable, and the Moto II also stands out for its durability, being fully waterproof (IP67 certified) and shock-resistant.

Beeline also introduces “Fast and Fun” route options, allowing riders to choose between fast or scenic routes, and offers the ability to customize routes by avoiding highways, toll roads, and ferries. In addition, with the Compass mode, riders can enjoy a true adventure, exploring with an arrow constantly pointing toward the destination.

Supported by the Beeline app, available for iOS and Android, the Moto II promises to constantly improve with updates and new features introduced based on user community feedback. This approach demonstrates Beeline’s commitment to keeping their devices on the cutting edge, offering riders a tool that grows and evolves with them. Starting price 210€.

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