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Floor lamps are indispensable pieces of furniture for those who wish to add a touch of class and functionality to their environments. Not only do they provide atmospheric lighting, but they can also become true pieces of art through unique designs and craftsmanship. In this article, we will explore a selection of the best designer floor lamps, perfect for enriching any space with style and personality. Whether you are looking for a modern, minimalist piece or an artistic, sophisticated creation, you will find inspiration here to light up your home in a unique and refined way.

Haran Studio

Studioharan craft brand

Discover Studio Haran, a furniture and lighting brand that combines innovative design and sustainability. Founded by Joel and Helena, the studio combines the handcrafted techniques of slip casting and woodworking to create unique, high-quality pieces. Each product is made to order, with natural materials and customizable finishes.

lampade da terra moderna
lampada soggiorno da terra
lampada da terra soggiorno
lampade da terra design famose

Studio Haran ‘s lamps elegantly combine wood and ceramic, two materials that complement each other perfectly. The natural warmth of wood and the sophistication of ceramics create an aesthetic balance that suits a variety of decorating styles, adding a touch of class and uniqueness to any room. With a price tag of about 800 euros, these lamps represent an investment in quality and sustainable design, offering not only a source of light, but also a handcrafted work of art intended to last.

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Timberlights design

legno retroilluminato

Learn about Timberlights Design, founded by Andreas, a carpenter with more than 20 years of experience. His handcrafted lamps transform wood into unique light works, available in different shapes and colors. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and precision in his workshop, offering lighting that combines art and functionality.

lampada da terra
lampada in legno luminosa
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lampade in legno e resina

Enqore offers unique and customized lamps, tailored to your taste. Each piece is handcrafted and can be further customized upon request. Order a lamp in stock for quick shipping or partner with Enqore to create a custom lamp perfect for you.

lampada da terra
lampade design da terra

The Enqore lamp is a masterpiece of minimalist design, made of wood with a contemporary aesthetic. Its clean lines and wooden slice create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for any room. With a price tag of about 200 euros, this lamp represents a balance between elegance and functionality, adding a touch of class to your home.

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lampada da terra legno luminosa

Discover Wood spirit lights that revolutionizes home lighting with its unique design of handcrafted wooden lamps and light tubes. In this store, you will find chandeliers, floor lamps, pendants and wall sconces in minimalist and contemporary designs. Each piece is carefully crafted, adding a distinctive and modern touch to your environments, combining functionality and style flawlessly.

lampada vintage da terra
lampada da terra moderna
lampada da terra legno

Wood Spirit Lights lamps cleverly combine wood and flexible light tubes, creating a modern and functional design. The price of these designer floor lamps is around 750 euros

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Vayehi Studio

costruzione lampada artigianale

Learn about Studio Vayehi, a German-Israeli design team based in Jaffa, Israel. They offer a unique selection of pendant lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps, all handcrafted from beautiful wood veneers. Their natural and warm creations are ideal for illuminating private and public spaces with an original and charming touch.

gruppo di lampade a terra design
base lampada design ceramica
lampade a terra di design

Studio Vayehi ‘s lamps are handcrafted masterpieces that combine elegance and functionality. Made of fine wood with a minimalist, sinuous design, these lamps offer warm, natural lighting. Each piece, resting on a solid concrete base, is created by hand to ensure the highest quality and uniqueness. With a price tag of about 1,500 euros, these lamps represent an investment in high-class style and craftsmanship.

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