Oru Kayak lake: a foldable, portable and assembled origami-like kayak

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Oru Kayakhe achieved great success a few years ago by inventing the world’s first origami folding kayak. The first model was small enough that it did not require dedicated storage space and was compact enough that a person could easily take it anywhere, even on an aeroplane. Plus, it was so easy to assemble and use that anyone could do it. Oru Kayak is back on Kickstarter with the new lake model that replaces the previous one while introducing new features.

The company improved on all essential factors such as – portability, weight, and foldability – specifically developing an entirely new type of folding, which allowed their custom “OruPlast” material to fit perfectly on all interior surfaces and eliminate all excess space. The result? The inlet weighs only 9 pounds, folds up to form a bag just 48 x 106 cm and can be transformed into a kayak in a few simple steps in less than five minutes.

Get ready to tackle any body of water with Intel, the world’s most compact and innovative kayak! Pre-order on the manufacturer’s website with delivery from the US.

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