eVscope 2 is 100 times more powerful than a classic telescope at half the price

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In collaboration with the SETI Institute, Unistellar has created a telescope 100 times more potent than those commonly purchased in stores at the same size and price. Unistellar eVscope’s proprietary Enhanced Vision and Automated Field Detection technologies deliver unparalleled power and precision in a compact, easy-to-use telescope for viewing galaxies, nebulae, and comets directly through the eyepiece and with exceptional colour and detail even from the heart of a city thanks to the intelligent reduction of light pollution.

Plus, eVscope is genuinely a modern telescope. You can use the proprietary app on your smartphone to find the best spots in the sky and let the telescope automatically adjust to the correct position. The Unistellar app also gives away interesting educational content, and in addition to automating the observing experience for newbies, it also offers manual controls for advanced users. Finally, you can also share your observations on social media and connect with scientists to help them make discoveries.

For a relatively low price compared to the competition, you’ll take home a professional, wise telescope that will allow you to travel the cosmos. You can pre-order your eVscope directly on the American manufacturer’s website.

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