Apple Intelligence: Apple’s AI that Changes the Rules of the Game.

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Apple’s WWDC 2024 conference finally unveiled its long-awaited strategy on artificial intelligence, introducing Apple Intelligence. This innovation represents a significant change in the way users interact with Apple devices, taking artificial intelligence to a new level of integration and personalization.

Apple Intelligence is designed to be a highly personalized artificial intelligence. Unlike other AIs that operate primarily in the cloud, Apple Intelligence works directly on devices, using the data in the system to offer tailored responses and services. This approach provides a high level of privacy because the information remains on the user’s device.

Design and Functionality

Writing Tools
One of the most interesting tools in Apple Intelligence is the built-in writing tool, which makes it easy to change the tone of a text. For example, you can turn a formal email into a friendlier one or create a concise summary of a long message. These features are similar to those offered by services such as Grammarly, but with the advantage of being integrated into Apple’s operating system.

Genmoji are another new feature introduced by Apple Intelligence. These are personalized emoji created using generative artificial intelligence. Users can describe the desired emoji, and the AI generates it to measure. This function, while nice, has left many users wishing for something more revolutionary.

Image Playground
Image Playground is an application that allows users to create custom images using text descriptions, similar to services such as MidJourney or Firefly. This feature allows users to quickly generate images within Apple apps, such as Messages, without having to use external tools.

Siri Enhanced

One of the most significant innovations is the enhancement of Siri. Thanks to Apple Intelligence, Siri can now better understand natural language and respond more accurately even in case of errors or incomplete sentences. Siri can access all the information on the device, such as email, calendar, and notes, to provide accurate contextual responses. For example, if you ask Siri for the arrival time of a family member’s flight, the voice assistant can search emails and calendar to provide an accurate answer.

Privacy and Security

Apple has always placed a strong emphasis on privacy, and Apple Intelligence is no exception. All calculations and analysis are performed on the device, minimizing the need to send personal data to the cloud. For more complex tasks that require more computing power, Apple uses dedicated servers with third-party controls to ensure that user data is not stored.

GPT-4 Integrated

Apple has integrated GPT-4 into the operating system, giving users the ability to use AI for generative tasks, such as text and image creation. This integration is optional and transparent, allowing users to choose whether or not to use GPT-4 cloud services.


Apple Intelligence represents a significant step forward in the evolution of artificial intelligence on Apple devices. With advanced features and a strong focus on privacy, Apple continues to redefine the boundaries of technology. It remains to be seen how these innovations will translate into daily use and whether they will deliver on the promises made during the conference. The future of AI on personal devices looks promising, and Apple is poised to lead this revolution.

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